Introducing the Pick 'N' Fix Stand!


We understand that not all our customers will require boxes of items and to carry out a small job where only a few items are required, can suddenly become costly to buy boxes of multiple items. Which is why we have created our Pick 'N' Fix stand!

The Pick 'N' Fix stand is our 'adult' take on our favourite childhood treat of visiting the Pick and Mix stand at the local shop. 

We offer a range of commonly used items from wall plugs and cable ties to woodscrews and plates, in single item quantities with a very low minimum spend of only £1*. That means for £1 you can put up that shelf in the living room, carry out a repair to the shed, organise and tidy the wires behind the tv and still have a few handy pieces in the drawer for next weekend!

So next time you need 'a few bits and pieces' visit our Pick 'N' Fix stand in store.

* Minimum spend is £1 + VAT.