Abrasive Products

Techniko can supply virtually any type of abrasive product, for a range of applications, to ensure that you can get the job done!

We always offer competitive prices, the first time, so you can be assured that the price you're quoted, is the best price!

Abrasive product categories available from Techniko include:
Cutting Discs for Wood, Stone & Metal
Semi Flexible Grinding Discs
Cup Stones
Fibre Discs
Flap Discs
Backing Pads
Surface Conditioning Products
Spindle Mounted Wheel
Diamond Blades
Hole saws
Coated Products such as Sandpaper, Belts & Sponges

We supply the industry trusted Abracs brand of abrasive products, so you know that you're receiving not only a good price from Techniko, but also an excellent product from a well known industry manufacturer.